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Siny Energy grand launch of 105kW standard group series energy storage converter

Acadie New Energy's PSC products perferms quite well in our system. They are high quality products with helpful engineering support which greatly helped us in developing our final products. Highly recommend! ——May 7, 2021

—— Greg McAllister

Products are good and reliable! Especially the technical support prior and post the purchase was really helpful and came in time. David and George was helpful throughout the entire process as well! ——March 18, 2022

—— Bill Crosby

We developed out products by using Acadie New Energy's PCS modules. The products are reliable and have good quality. Acadie's engineers were also very helpful as well! Looking forward to more cooperations in future! ——September 20,2022

—— Sam Ducette

The products are great! Reliable and function well! The cost was acceptable. The Acadie engineering team provided extra value to the products. It was nice to work with them! ——November 29,2022

—— David Collins

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Company News
Siny Energy grand launch of 105kW standard group series energy storage converter
Latest company news about Siny Energy grand launch of 105kW standard group series energy storage converter

Siny Energy grand launch of 105kW standard group series energy storage converter, smaller size, less space, with the unique design of Siny Energy, to provide you with excellent energy storage system solutions.
Aiming at the increasingly mature and standard energy storage market, Siny Energy officially released 105kW series energy storage convertors on the basis of 7 years of experience in the energy storage industry, which are suitable for the standard battery cluster of 280Ah~320Ah energy storage cell (200+kWh), energy storage battery cluster independent management, forming a typical 0.5C energy storage system. That is a 2-hour energy storage system.

· It can cooperate with standard battery cluster for one-stop integration of standard outdoor energy storage system

· Standard outdoor energy storage system with typical capacity of 200+kWh, 400+kWh and 600+kWh is configured

· The software and hardware platforms have 7 years of mature application, and the system reliability has been fully verified by the market

· Internal potting design, easily capable of various complex natural environments

· Low temperature rise of key components, greatly improving system life

· Large-scale integration of standard parts and accessories, high safety of supply chain and guaranteed supply

· Unique 200% dynamic overload capacity, which can meet most of the impact load requirements

· Abundant interfaces, which can be freely matched with external screens to realize easy management of whole cabinets or multiple cabinets

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